Sunday, February 5, 2012

Praise God!

Acts 3:9- “When all the people saw him walking and praising God…”

Interpretation: A crippled man who had been sitting outside of the gate called Beautiful every single day to beg from those going into the temple courts was making a scene. He had just been healed by his faith in Jesus Christ and was now jumping and following Peter and praising God. I wonder how this man was going about praising God. I am sure he was ecstatic. The temple he sat outside day after day he was now running about inside! And the people who would see him begging there now saw him walking and leaping. I am certain God was getting all of the praise he deserved. I wonder what this would look like in today’s terms. Maybe he would go running all around his home church, hang out the car window driving home, and post a facebook status update “I CAN WALK PRAISE GOD.” I think about how I give praises to God and who I do it in front of. I always try to give the credit to God when these amazing things happen but this verse further encourages me to let go of any thought of man and bring full-unleashed glory to God in the big things, as well as the little things. Thinking about the things that our Heavenly Father has done for me puts any trial I go though into perspective. And God deserves our praise forever. Eternity was created to give God fitting praise! All of the “others” who saw the lame man jumping were challenged to reconsider Jesus Christ in their own lives, just as I pray others who see my life in Christ are challenged to accept there has been a change- and desire it for themselves.

Application: It’s not going to be original, but I’m going to begin an answered prayer list. I have a prayer journal with so many little prayers answered in it just in the four weeks I have been here, but this will be a big list for the big things throughout my life. It will help lift me up and put God back in the place that He deserves- more than worthy of our praise. 

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